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Electronic prescription

The electronic prescription (e-prescription or e-recipe) is a paperless prescription that is intended to replace the previous form of paper prescription. The communication flow of a prescription currently involves the issuing physician, the patient, the pharmacist and the health insurance company, with several media breaks that unnecessarily increase the workload.

The first media break occurs at the issuing physician, who enters the prescription into the computer but then prints it out as a paper prescription. In the subsequent media break at the pharmacy, the prescription is again entered into a computer that is connected to the pharmacy data center server. These repeated manual entries are to be avoided with the electronic prescription. Possible data carriers under discussion include the electronic health card(eGK) or a networking concept between the physician, pharmacist and health insurance company.

The physician could enter the electronic prescription directly on the patient's electronic health card, which can be read out and directly processed at the pharmacy. Alternatively, the e-prescription could be placed on a pharmacy server via a public network and accessed at the pharmacy with the patient.

E-prescriptions make processing safer because drug interactions and compatibility with each other are detected directly. In addition, an e-prescription can ensure compliance with the medication plan.

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