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workstation (WS)

Workstations (WS) are workstation computers that differ from a personal computer in that the storage capacity, processing speed and data throughput are significantly higher than that of a personal computer (PC). In addition, they usually operate on networks.

Workstations are often Reduced Instruction Set Computers (RISC) such as the Scalable Processor Architecture (SPARC) and use caches to increase processing speed. As operating system they use Unix, which was developed for these applications.

Example of a workstation, photo: PC Celem

Example of a workstation, photo: PC Celem

workstations are suitable for technical-scientific and commercial-administrative tasks with high throughput performance. Most workstations feature high computing power and sophisticated graphical user interfaces. A cluster configuration with powerful workstations can approach the performance of large-scale and supercomputers in cloud computing or grid computing. The transition from high-end PC with high-performance processor to workstation is fluid. In addition to the classic workstations, there are also the Diksless workstations.

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