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voltage (V)

Volt is the unit for electrical voltage, named after the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta (1743 to 1827). The volt has the symbol "V" in the System of Units( SI) and is defined as the voltage that converts 1 watt (W) of power for a current (I) of 1 ampere (A).

A voltage of one volt drives one coulomb (`6.24* 10^18`) of electrons, through a resistance of one ohm in one second.

Volts with their prefix

Volts with their prefix

The volt value does not indicate the type of voltage - DC, AC, RMS, etc. - that is involved. - it concerns. Only by adding an additional designation, one can recognize what the volt value stands for. Just like other electrical and physical units, the volt is provided with prefixes. In addition to the basic unit volt (V), common volt specifications include the smaller voltage units microvolt (┬ÁV) and millivolt (mV) as well as the larger voltage values kilovolt (kV) and megavolt (MV).

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