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ampere (A)

Ampere (A) is named after the French physicist André Marie Ampère (1775-1836). According to the International System of Units(SI), the ampere is the unit for electric current.

br> One ampere is defined as the current that produces a force of `2^-7` newtons per meter of length between two parallel wires of infinite length located one meter apart in free space.

Another definition of the international system of units specifies that 1 coulomb per second is equal to 0.999835 amperes.

The ampere (A) is prefixed as kilo amps (kA), equivalent to `10^3`, milli amps (mA), `10^-3`, micro amps (µA), `10^-6`, nano amps (nA), `10^-9`, and pico amps (pA), `10^-12`.

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