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very long haul (VLH)

Very Long Haul (VHL) is an optical SDH interface defined by the International Telecommunication Union

(ITU) for very long distances.

The three main categories for transmission links

The three main categories for transmission links

For optical transmission links, the ITU distinguishes between Long Haul (LH), Very Long Haul (VLH) and Ultra Long Ha

ul(ULH). All of them use single mode fibres. Very Long Haul transmission links can bridge two stations at a distance of about 60 km at a wavelength of 1,300 nm and 120 km at 1,550 nm without intermediate amplification, depending on the wavelength. At a distance of about 600 km, a 3R regeneration

should be performed. Extremely long optical transmission distances can be bridged with Ultra Long Haul (ULH).

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