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ultra low latency (5G) (ULL)

An Ultra Low Latency (ULL) is an extremely short latency. Such latency characterizes networks that transmit large amounts of data and are optimized for the transmission of time-critical applications and real-time applications such as live streaming. These are applications with extremely fast data changes.

Ultra Low Latency (ULL) is about time delays below 1 ms and micro- and nanosecond delays. Such latencies are achieved with 5th generation( 5G) cellular networks. It should be noted that an end-to-end latency of 1 ms corresponds to a distance of 300 km due to the speed of light. The end devices must therefore not be too far apart. In 5G mobile networks, Ultra-High Reliability and Low Latency Communication( uRLLC) is a latency-sensitive service.

Typical examples of latency-sensitive services are high- frequency trading of securities, machine control of production facilities or autonomous driving of motor vehicles.

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