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traffic shaping (TS)

Traffic shaping(TS) is a method of changing the traffic characteristics on a transmission link in order to ensure better link utilization or to guarantee a certain quality of service. Traffic shaping is a bandwidth management technique in which the traffic shaper changes the traffic flow according to the traffic characteristics.

Traffic shaping can optimize transmission performance, improve latency, reduce traffic peaks, and increase the usable bandwidth for certain data packets by delaying other data packets. Traffic shaping can be performed by regulating the flow of packets.Using filters, the parameters of the traffic flow are determined. According to this, important data packets with high priority are switched through faster than data packets with lower priority. Low priority data packets are buffered or queued. Also, data packets are buffered when the data rate of the data source is higher than expected. Data packet flow is regulated by controlling the bandwidth. Prioritized data packets are allocated a higher bandwidth than non-prioritized ones. Time-sensitive data for real-time applications is prioritized over data whose delay has no negative impact. Internet service providers(ISPs) can give priority to resellers for an appropriate cost. Enterprises can also be given priority over other traffic for important business-related traffic.

Traffic shaper in the corporate network

Traffic shaper in the corporate network

Depending on the form and preference, traffic shaping affects network neutrality, which provides for equal treatment of data traffic.

In traffic shaping, network traffic can be divided into several categories: according to applications and protocols, according to the direction of transmission between client and host, according to the time of day, and according to the type of connection. Ideally, traffic shaping (TS) should distinguish all common LAN as well as WAN protocols and traffic types. The functionality of traffic shaping is performed by traffic shapers.

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