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Telecommuting is a neologism made up of telecommunications and computing and is synonymous with teleworking. Telecommuting describes an activity that is performed remotely from the workplace, in virtual offices or in a home office.

Telecommuting or teleworking refers to work outsourced from company premises. Telecommuters are directly connected to the company or their client via modern communication networks and can access certain resources in the company network. The infrastructural connection of telecommuting workstations to the corporate network can be achieved by means of remote access( RAS) via the Internet. The RAS service forms the basis for communication-oriented telecommuting. The telecommuting workstation has direct access to all in-house communication facilities such as e-mail, databases, file transfer or client- server applications and supports communication with work colleagues and superiors by means of telephone, chats, web conferences and e-mails.

Teleworkers, also called homeworkers and telecommuters, may be company employees, full- or part-time, or independent contractors. In addition, they are freelancers and special teleservice companies that provide services to both businesses and end users.

The advantages of telecommuting are time independence, elimination of travel time and costs, savings on office space, and so on. In addition, telework can be performed in a stationary home office or as mobile telework at changing locations.

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