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system of record (ISRS) (SOR)

If the same data elements are stored in different memories, then these can have the smallest discrepancies due to editing or other data processing. These small differences can lead to bugs and cause errors during data conversion.

To avoid the slightest differences in data sets, there is an Information Storage and Retrieval System ( ISRS), the System of Record (SOR), which ensures data integrity. SOR data is based on verifiable data sources of the original data and is used as reference data in many applications such as account balances. An SOR system is an Information Storage and Retrieval System (ISRS) that contains the most complete data. SOR data is highly accurate, timely, and can be used as reference data for other processing and storage systems.

Since many companies and organizations have management information systems that use data from different data sources, it is necessary to determine the reference source, which is the SOR system containing the authoritative data.

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