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skill-based routing (call center) (SBR)

Skill-Based Routing (SBR) is an automatic call ro uting( ACD) of a call in a call center to a call agent specialized in the subject.

Call centers use various methods to increase the efficiency of their call agents by reducing the Average Handle Time( AHT). Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is one of these methods, Expert Agent Selection( EAS) and Interactive Voice Response( IVR) are others.

In order to optimize the consultation time, call centers try to advise the caller as quickly as possible and thus keep the handling time as short as possible. To achieve this goal, callers must be connected as quickly as possible to the call agent who will answer their questions satisfactorily. For this purpose, there are call agents who specialize in certain subject areas. These specialists are the skills. The aim is to find out as quickly as possible which call agent can best answer the caller's questions. This type of call routing is known as skill-based routing (SBR).

In addition to manual call routing, call centers can also work with Interactive Voice Response (IVR), with speech recognition and Voice User Interfaces(VUI).

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