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electronic article surveillance (RFID) (EAS)

There are various wireless systems with a wide range of functionalities for monitoring goods. The best-known technology for marking and identifying goods and for article surveillance is wireless Radio Frequency Identification( RFID), which is also used to prevent theft in department stores.

The concept of the Electronic Article Surveillance(EAS) article surveillance system is based on RFID, which performs a simple check to see if there is an RFID tag within the operating distance of an RFID reader. Such EAS system has read-write and read-only functionality and a small memory.

EAS system for article surveillance, photo: OmniGuard Systems

EAS system for article surveillance, photo: OmniGuard Systems

EAS systems are also known as 1-bit transponders because they only detect whether a transponder is in the detection zone or not.

The detection devices of EAS systems with their antennas are located at the exits of the department stores and then trigger an alarm if the EAS components have not been removed from the purchased item or have been deactivated at the time of purchase.

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