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signalling connection control part (SCCP)

The SignallingConnection Control Part (SCCP) is a signalling control part with additional functions for the Message Transfer Part (MTP) in SS7 signalling

. The SCCP part offers the possibility to transfer messages connection-oriented or connectionless between any nodes

ofthe signaling network. Typically supporting the Transaction Capabilities Application Part

(TCAP),SCCP defines routing functions derived from call numbers and also has management functions for subsystem usage. For connection type, SSCP defines four classes of service, identified by the digits 0 to 3. Service class 0 operates connectionless, the data is sent to the destination without a session being established. Service class 1 is also connectionless and without control of the sequence. Messages are guaranteed to reach the destination within the sequence. Service class 2 is connection oriented and the session of the SCCP connection is negotiated beforehand, and service class 3 is also connection oriented and has flow control.

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