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connection oriented (CO)

Connection Oriented(CO) refers to the exchange of data between computers or communication partners when an explicit communication path is established between the communication partners via the network. Only after the communication path has been established can the partners communicate with each other. The sending station can send its data and the receiving station can receive it.

Indata communication, the received data is acknowledged by the receiving station; in telephone communication, the information is exchanged between the partners. Characteristic of connection-oriented communication are the confirmations of receipt from the receiving station to the sending station. If problems occur during transmission, they are immediately communicated to the other party. The connection switched for the message link is maintained for the duration of the communication between the participants.

Thanks to the improved line quality, the connection-oriented protocols of the link layer are slowly losing importance, especially since verification takes place on the higher layers anyway. In contrast to a confirmed connection, an unconfirmed connection is called connectionless( CL).

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