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outdoor fibers

FO outdoor cables are cables whose specifications are designed to meet all the requirements that outdoor installation entails. Outdoor cables are characterized by their robust design and can be laid directly in the ground, in cable trays or in pipe systems.

The special properties of outdoor FO cables include moisture resistance, stability against mechanical stresses and resistance to rodent damage. FO outdoor cables are available as unfilled and filled loose tubes with 2 to 10 glass fibers. The unfilled version is used if longitudinal watertightness is not required, otherwise the version filled with core filler is used. The outer diameter of an FO outer cable is constant regardless of the number of cores. The individual fibers are color-coded for differentiation.

Strain relief and reinforcement of FO outdoor cable

Strain relief and reinforcement of FO outdoor cable

The smooth polyethylene( PE) cable sheath makes it very easy to pull the FO outdoor cable into existing cable ducts or empty conduits. FO outdoor cables are relatively generously dimensioned so that the interior can accommodate the excess fiber length when temperature fluctuations occur. Due to the use of a particularly hard and dimensionally stable outer jacket made of black, UV-resistant polyethylene, the cable is very resistant to transverse pressure, although this has disadvantages in terms of rigidity.

The field of application of the filled loose tube with longitudinal watertightness ranges from outdoor installation to entry into damp, wet cable ducts and empty conduits.

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