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multiplexed optical data storage (MODS)

The MODS disc (Multiplexed Optical Data Storage) is expected to replace the Blu-Ray disc and HD-DVD in the not too distant future. The MODS, which is the size of a DVD or D- ROM, is expected to achieve storage capacities of up to 1 TB.

In principle, the MODS uses a laser to scan the stored data in the same way as a DVD.

The main difference that leads to the enormous storage capacity is that the MODS works with asymmetrical pits and lands that reflect the laser light at different angles. In total, 332 different reflection angles can be distinguished in this process. As a result, the storage capacity is about ten times higher than that of the Blu-Ray disc and amounts to 250 GB per layer. With double-sided, double-layer storage, the storage capacity of 1 terabyte (TB) is obtained.

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