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multipath routing

Multipath routing provides a technique for combining a wide variety of services and for redundant backup purposes. With this routing technique, the router can combine a wide variety of connection technologies such as ISDN, ADSL, satellite transmission or cable networks and make them accessible to individual users.

With multipath routing, several services can be used simultaneously in parallel via different connections by means of multipathing. On the other hand, such a line network is available for backup purposes with higher data transfer rates.

If one connection fails, the service in use is briefly interrupted and the router automatically switches the service over another line. This places a heavier load on the remaining lines, but the service can continue to be used with little or no restriction. Similarly, when the interrupted line is restored, the service is automatically switched to the newly created line.

With IP routing, for example, different connections to different providers can be established.

In addition to multipath routing, corresponding routers also handle load balancing and ensure optimum load distribution across the individual lines.

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