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Mobile application stores are download portals for mobile applications. On the mobile app stores operated by the development companies of the smartphone operating systems, tens of thousands of mobile apps are available for download for smartphones. Depending on the application and its scope, downloads are free or paid. Some are also free in a stripped-down version and charge for the full-featured version.

Every well-known mobile device provider operates a corresponding portal on which the applications are divided into groups. There are application groups for games, travel, sports, art, entertainment, music, books, knowledge, technology and many others. The search for suitable apps is facilitated by search functions, popularity, topicality and hit lists. In addition, newsgroups and blogs provide ratings and comments on the many apps, making it easier to decide whether or not to download them.

Windows Phone Market Place

Windows Phone Market Place

One of the best known mobile app stores is Apple's App Store. But other vendors such as Nokia, Palm and Microsoft also have their mobile application stores. Known as Google Play, BlackBerry App World, Windows Phone Marketplace, Samsung Apps, Palm App Catalog and Nokia Ovi Store.

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