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manufacturing execution system (MES)

A Manufacturing Execution System(MES) is an information system that connects, monitors and controls complex manufacturing systems and data flows in production. Such a system ensures effective execution of manufacturing operations and improves production performance.

MES systems support enterprise resource planning( ERP) management and operations levels. To improve production efficiency, MES systems collect machine data and operational data throughout the production cycle. This begins with order execution and ends only after the production cycle with the delivery of finished products. In addition to machine and operating data, the data collected by MES systems includes data for material management and material requirements planning, the Device History Record (DHR), which ensures the traceability of production steps, workflow transparency, data on production quality, on personnel deployment and on the energy required.

The benefits of MES technology can be seen in regulatory compliance, shortening time to market and improving the supply chain, reducing production time, order fulfillmenttime and labor costs.

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