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managed Ethernet service (MES)

One of the most important communications technology requirements of companies is fast access to business-relevant data, regardless of location. This means high available transmission bandwidths, via which large amounts of information can be transmitted very quickly if required. But it also means unlimited range.

Since companies almost exclusively use Ethernet as their communications infrastructure, metro network operators are migrating their city networks toward Ethernet. This allows companies to extend their corporate local area networks(LANs) over greater distances. Through this migration from Ethernet to city networks and also to wide area networks, network operators are providing Ethernet interfaces to their customers for access to Metro Ethernet Networks( MEN). Connected to the Ethernet interfaces are the services that the customer can access or use at these interfaces. These are Managed Ethernet Services (MES). The advantage for customers is that they are provided with an Ethernet interface and do not require protocol conversion to the SDH network or other networks.

Ethernet services in Metro Ethernet

Ethernet services in Metro Ethernet

Ethernet services can be divided into services for point-to-point and multipoint-to-multipoint connections, for residential use, LAN configurations, and virtual private networks( VPN). The names of Ethernet services such as Ethernet Private Line( EPL), Ethernet Virtual Private Line( EVPL), Ethernet Private LAN (EPLAN) or Ethernet Virtual Private LAN (EVPLAN) have not yet been standardized.

The Metro Ethernet Forum( MEF) and also the ITU-T are concerned with the specification of Ethernet services.

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