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local area exchange number

The local network code (ONKz), Local Area Exchange Number, identifies the connections of the local network within a specific geographical number range. For this purpose, Germany is divided into geographical local network areas to which a fixed local network code is assigned.

The local network codes are assigned by the Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Posts(RegTP), or the Federal Network Agency(BNetzA), and must be used by all fixed network operators.

Structure of an international telephone number

Structure of an international telephone number

The local area code itself is a multi- digit number that begins with a digit between 1 and 9. In large cities such as Berlin (10), Hamburg (40) or Munich (89), it has two digits; larger cities such as Cologne (221), Bonn (228) or Düsseldorf (211) have three-digit area codes; smaller cities have four- and five-digit area codes. When dialing into a local area network, a zero must be dialed before the area network code as the national traffic separation digit(VAZ).

The local area code is part of the standardized telephone number according to E.164 and, together with the subscriber number, forms the national (significant) number N(s)N.

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