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line printer daemon (Unix) (LPD)

Like the Line Printer Remote (LPR), the LPD protocol(Line Printer Daemon) is a platform-independent printer protocol. The LPD protocol can be used to process print jobs from the Line Printer Daemon, the LPR client, manage printer queues, and send print jobs to the print server over IP networks.

The remote computer must support the LPD protocol. When using the LPD protocol, the print list can be modified by adding or removing print jobs, additional printers can be accessed, and the printer parameters of the network prin ters can be modified. In addition, access rights can be assigned for the various network printers.

The LPD protocol is based on the TCP protocol or the UDP protocol, it occupies port number 515 and is described in RFC 1179. It dates from 1990 and has an informal status.

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