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learning technology standards committee (LTSC)

The Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC) is a committee of IEEE that develops technical standards and publishes guidelines and recommendations for the development and implementation of computer and web-based learning systems, computer-based training (CBT) and web-based training (WBT).

The LTSC carries the designation P1484 in the IEEE and collaborates with other organizations that have taken on similar tasks. The organization consists of working groups and is administered by a Chairman. There are the following Working Groups (WG):

P1484.1Architecture and Reference Model

P1484.3 Glossary

P1484.11 Computer Managed Instruction

P1484.12 Learning Objects Metadata (LOM)

P1484.14 Semantics and Exchange Bindings

P1484.15 Data Interchange Protocols

P1484.18 Platform and Media Profiles

P1484.20 Competency Definitions

Digital Rights Expression Language Study Group

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