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computer based training (CBT)

Computer Based Training(CBT) is a learning technique with which knowledge is imparted with the support of the computer. Such a learning program offers the learner the information in clear, didactically prepared meaningful steps. Due to the interactivity, the learner can enter into dialog with the computer's learning software.

CBT programs are structured in such a way that the learner is not only passively taught the contentstep by step, but must actively cooperate. The computer takes over the learning dialog with the learner and controls the learning process. After each learning step, the CBT program offers the learner the opportunity to deepen what he has learned in exercises and to check his own learning progress by answering specific questions.

Learning processes and methods

Learning processes and methods

The CBT program responds to the learner's answers and provides assistance. Feedback from the CBT program goes beyond "wrong" and "right" and gives the learner detailed explanations of errors, there is additional information, further examples and test results. This interactivity forces the learner to engage with the content.

Another aspect is the non- linearity, which is expressed in the fact that there are multiple paths through the subject matter. The user can not only decide which topics to turn to based on the chapter structure, but can also navigate within the individual learning units. In doing so, the subject matter is deepened or case studies are offered to promote understanding.

In addition to interactivity and non-linearity, another characteristic of CBTs is simulation. Simulation can be used to recreate and simulate dynamic situations. This can take the form of allowing the learner to enter values into a graph and observe the response based on the graph or the motion. The learner can draw lines, enter values, mark areas or move virtual components. The simulations and the animations illustrate the effects. The mentioned possibilities do not exist in textbooks or videos. To support the learning objectives, CBTs can incorporate multimedia in the form of animations, simulations, audio and video sequences in addition to text and graphics to illustrate the facts, relationships and processes in the learning program.

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