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lean enterprise

Lean Enterprise is a company with a lean organization and high agility that can react quickly to market changes. The lean structures relate to lean management and lean production, among other things.

Lean Enterprise is able to react to customer requirements and new technologies at short notice and provide corresponding software-based products. In addition, Lean Enterprises focus on value creation and work in a resource-conserving manner by putting a stop to the waste of resources. Another aspect is the reduction of errors, as already applied with Six Sigma, a quality assurance method, in production and online order processing.

To achieve a high level of production, Lean Enterprises link lean production processes with procurement activities.

For Lean Enterprises there are several principles such as the Value, value, with which it concerns the customer estimate and the customer requirements, the Value Stream, from which the life cycle of a product or a service emerge, the Flow, flow, which signal wastes, the Pull as starting signal for the Production, and the Perfection, perfection, with which inferior product qualities are indicated.

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