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Agile is a project management tool for complex projects in which the various tasks

are divided into smaller subtasks. The smaller subtasks are frequently reviewed and adjusted to the development plans. By using agile techniques as applied as Ag

ile Software Development

(ASD), AgileProject

Management, AgileService

Management, AgileProcess Design and many more, the development processes become more flexible and lean. Agility increases the flexibility and adaptability of management and software projects and reduces development time. A crucial point for agility is teamwork and the associated communication between the team members and with the Scrum Master or the Product Owner (PO), through which the transparency

regarding the project progress can be increased and the decision-making possibilities regarding the development process can be flexibly adjusted. If agility refers to a company or an organization, then it is referred to as business agility.

This means extremely flexible business models that perceive market changes and react to them at short notice. Agility refers to the organization and the flexibility with which the operational structure can adapt to new customer requirements.

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