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large format printer (LFP)

Large Format Printers (LFP) are printers with large format print output. These can be inkjet prin ters that work according to the drop-on-demand process or the continuous drop process. The print sizes of large format printers range from 1 m to 5 m print width and over 6 m print length. They have print resolutions of 720dpi to 1,440 dpi and can be equipped with up to twelve printing inks.

In large format printers, the material to be printed is pushed under the print heads and the print heads move on a rail system in one axis. Hence the name ZY printer as opposed to XY printers where the print heads move in two axes. The speed of movement for the print material is about 10 m/h to 100 m/h.

Large Format Printer (LFP), Photo: Canon

Large Format Printer (LFP), Photo: Canon

large format printers are used for printing posters and billboards, presentations, photo enlargements and technical drawings. They are designed for consumer electronics and also for office applications. The large format printers can print on coated and uncoated paper, PVC film and textiles, but also on rigid materials.

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