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in-cable control box (charging system) (ICCB)

An in-cable controlbox (ICCB) is a control unit that manages and controls the charging process of electric vehicle batteries via the mains voltage.

In terms of circuitry, the in-cable box is located in the charging cable, which in Germany can have a mains plug on one side or the CEE plug for three-phase current, and the Mennekes charging plug on the vehicle side.

In-Cable Control Box (ICCB) with Schuko and Mennekes plug

In-Cable Control Box (ICCB) with Schuko and Mennekes plug

The In-Cable Control Box fulfills certain safety precautions that are ensured when charging electric vehicles via household sockets. The in-cable control box limits the maximum charging current, checks the polarity of the connections, ensures the continuity of the protective earth to the electric car and switches off the charging process in the event of faults.

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