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CEE plug

The CEE plug is a common connector for three-phase current. It is used to transmit three-phase alternating current.

CEE plug, CEE16

CEE plug, CEE16

The red CEE plug is designed for voltages of 400 V, the blue plugs are for 230 V. It has five plug pins for the three 120-degree phase-shifted outer conductors( L1, L2, L3), the neutral conductor and the protective conductor. It is available for different current ratings of 16 A, 32 A, 63 A and 125 A, which is expressed in their designation: CEE16, CEE32, CEE63 and CEE125. The different versions differ in their diameters, which are 56 mm, 63 mm, 70 mm and 77 mm. As the performance of the CEE plugs changes, so does the diameter of the plug pins.

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