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high speed dial-up

High-speed dial-up is about shorter transmission times of web pages from the Internet. On the one hand, the connection and transmission times depend on the connected clients and the web servers; on the other hand, the times for the handshake can be halved using high-speed dial-up.

Such high-speed dial-up services are offered by Internet service providers(ISPs). They make use of various techniques. These include the provision of high- performance, broadband access techniques for high-speed dial-up and the acceleration of the handshake when calling up web pages by acceleration servers. The acceleration server stores the accessed web pages in its cache, it compresses the data and filters out pop-up banners before forwarding the data to the web browsers. These techniques significantly speed up the transmission of requested web pages.

Since compression techniques are not effective for some technologies, such as streaming, secure web pages, downloads, and multimedia e-mail attachments, these services can only be transmitted faster to the client to a limited extent.

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