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A helpdesk is a service offering for customer support to improve customer relationship management( CRM). It is used in many service companies, government agencies, insurance companies, and logistics, to name a few.

The helpdesk can be implemented through people or voice portals. It answers inquiries, provides advice and assistance in finding solutions for a favorable tariff, solving a problem, for example, commissioning a machine, planning a trip, connectingprinters or other hardware components, or installing programs. Users have immediate access to the know-how provided and can discuss their problems by phone via live chat or by e-mail. To relieve the helpdesk, frequently asked questions, FAQs, with the corresponding answers are also posted on the Internet.

Since customer inquiries vary in complexity, the helpdesk is divided into several levels. At the lowest level, answering queries does not require any special knowledge. The next level up calls for service and commissioning specialists, and the third level requires expert knowledge. For example, the installation of programs or the networking of network components.

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