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health information technology (HIT)

Health information technology, health IT, can be regarded as the overarching subject area of digital healthcare. It is dominated by healthcare providers and focuses on general healthcare services. Technologically, Health-IT uses information systems for healthcare.

Health information technology is where the various services for digital healthcare are anchored. It involves the development and use of modern information systems, improving and increasing the efficiency of systems for outpatient and inpatient treatment. Health IT data flows into the clinical and biomedical IT systems.

Electronic health records( EHR) and personal patient records( PHR) are stored inthe Health IT systems. Health data is exchanged with other healthcare organizations and institutions through the Health Information Exchange( HIE). A broad area of activity is data analytics, which is used to evaluate health data and draw conclusions about health care or potential diseases in the population as a whole. These analyses are continuously improved by artificial intelligence.

The evaluation of ultrasound images, CT scans, MRI scans and X-rays is carried out by PACS systems with which the images are analyzed, archived and managed.

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