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electronic health record (EHR)

Digital health data should improve the efficiency and quality of patient care. There are different data sets for health and patient data: The Electronic Health Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Record( EMR), Personal Health Record( PHR) and the Electronic Patient Record( EPR). For data exchange with other institutions, there is the Health Information Exchange( HIE).

The electronic patient record (ePA), unlike the electronic health record(eGA), targets the patient's medical history. It documents laboratory findings, the vaccination certificate, operation reports and the course of treatment. It contains digitized radiology, CT and cardiology images and is being introduced in conjunction with the electronic health card(eGK). The patient's reference to the medical data, diagnoses and findings is established via the personal data. The storage of personal data, findings and reports, X-rays, electroencephalograms, electrocardiograms and other medical diagrams is carried out for the texts, graphics, diagrams, photos or sounds in media-compatible file formats that are used across the board.

The Electronic Health Record is a record of a patient's health data that is kept in central health information technologyIT systems and can be shared between different medical institutions and physicians. EHR records systematically collect health data from individual patients or from the population. The EHR datasets can be shared between participating agencies through networks. These records contain patient demographic data on their weight, gender, and age; medical histories and medications; medical treatments and allergies; laboratory results; and x-rays.

EHR data can be used to derive empirical data, automate and simplify clinical workflow and hospital stays, and provide insight into improving health management. The prerequisite for using the electronic health record is patient consent and, above all, compliance with the legally prescribed data protection regulations.

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