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fully anechoic chamber (FAC)

  1. An anechoic or anechoic chamber, Fully Anechoic Chamber(FAC) or Fully Anechoic Room( FAR), is an anechoic and anechoic room in which sounds have no echoes or reverberation. It is a room in which any sound is totally absorbed. To achieve total absorption, the walls, ceiling and floors of anechoic chambers are fitted with pyramid-shaped absorbers that completely absorb the emitted sound and do not reflect any sound energy. Loudspeakers, microphones and the sounds of mechanical equipment can be tested in such anechoic chambers.
    Anechoic chamber with measurement setup, photo: EMCC

    Anechoic chamber with measurement setup, photo: EMCC

  2. The terms Fully Anechoic Chamber or Fully Anechoic Room are also used in high- frequency engineering, referring to an anechoic room equipped with RF absorbers in which no high-frequency vibrations are reflected. Depending on the frequency range, absorber tiles made of ferrite (up to 2 GHz) or foam absorbers (up to 100 GHz) are used. Anechoic
    chamber, photo: University of Adelaide

    chamber, photo: University of Adelaide

    In contrast to anechoic chambers, there are semi-anechoic chambers( SAC) with low reflections.
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