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foiled twisted pair (FTP)

The FTP cable(Foiled Twisted Pair) is a foil-covered cable. It consists of four unshielded, twisted pairs of wires that are encased in a foil shield made of aluminum foil.

Often, the foil shielding is surrounded by a thermoplastic material. The outer jacket surrounding the foil shield is usually made of polyvinyl chloride( PVC).

FTP cables with foil shielding

FTP cables with foil shielding

Since it is not clear from the designation FTP cable whether the individual pairs of wires have a foil shield or whether all pairs of wires are jointly surrounded by an overall foil shield, ISO/ IEC have changed the designation to F/ UTP in 11801 (2002). The F/UTP cable consists of unshielded twisted pairs of wires protected by a foil shield. The electromagnetic shielding is achieved by twisting the wire pairs and the foil shield. It is usually 20 dB to 30 dB higher than that of the UTP cable. Variants of the FTP cable are the S/FTP cable, which has a braided shield in addition to the foil shielding of the wire pairs, and the F/FTP cable, in which each individual twisted pair of conductors and the entire conductor strand are sheathed with a foil shield.

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