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enhanced messaging service (EMS)

Enhanced MessagingService (EMS) is an enhanced messaging standard for short message service

that includes the transmission of multimedia objects. It was created by well-known mobile phone companies. The foundations of the EMS standard were defined by the Third Generation

Partnership Project (3GPP), a standardization body that has also been instrumental in unifying the GSM and SMS platforms.

Mobile phone with EMS service, Photo: Sony Ericsson

Mobile phone with EMS service, Photo: Sony Ericsson

Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) adds new functionality to the Short Message Service (SMS); SMS text messages can be enriched with simple images, sounds and animations. The standard size for images and animations is 96 x 32 pixels and the number of characters can be several times the 160 characters of the short message service. A further development of the EMS service is the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) with which documents

can also be transmitted. The reception of EMS messages requires an EMS-compatible mobile phone.

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