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end of life (EoL)

End of Life (EoL) is a status message in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) of a software

, an assembly or an electronic component. The EoL status indicates that the lifecycle of the corresponding product or an electronic component has ended. Before a product expires, another status message, Last Time

Buy (LTB), indicates that the product is expiring and there is a last chance to buy it.End of Life status can be determined from vendor sales figures, age, components, and product announcements. EoL products are not used for new developments because they are not available later.

The entire life cycle of a product is characterized by Beginning of Life (BOL). Which is the first stage of a product's existence. This is followed by Middle of Life (MOL), which characterizes the market launch and market presence and represents the longest period of time before End of Life (EOL) heralds the end of the life cycle.

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