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displacement angle

The term tilt angle is used for FO connectors, but also for bar code scanning.

  1. If the FO connector is not precisely adjusted mechanically, it may " wobble" and thus tilt.
    Attenuation depending on the tilt angle

    Attenuation depending on the tilt angle

    The tilting of a FO connector and the tilt angle at which the connector feeds the light into the optical fiber changes the transmission properties. Even a slight tilt of a few degrees can cause attenuation of up to half a decibel. If offset is axial with respect to the axis of the optical fiber, then it is the axis offset.
  2. When scanning bar codes, the tilt angle is the deviation of the reading beam from the ideal reading line; which is the perpendicular to the bar code. Depending on the tilt angle, too much deviation from the ideal line will lead to an incorrect result.
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