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disaster recovery plan (DRP)

A Disaster Recovery Plan(DRP) is a strategic documentation that describes the actions to be taken to recover data assets and resume business operations in the short term after a disaster or system crash. Disaster recovery is part of business continuity( BC).

Since disasters or catastrophes can have a lasting impact on the continuation of normal business operations, or even make it impossible, the disaster recovery plan recognizes precautionary measures that minimize the impact on business operations so that critical functions can continue. DRP plans are primarily focused on disaster prevention and take into account business operations and the necessities required to achieve them.

Disaster recovery addresses the restoration of all business-related data assets and the functionality of computer systems, applications and networks so that business operations can resume in the short term following a disaster or computer crash. Consideration is also given to the financial damage caused by interruptions to critical business processes. This assessment is done through Business Impact Analysis( BIA), which is part of disaster recovery. The disaster recovery planning process incorporates recovery time objective ( RTO) and recovery point objective ( RPO) data.

Enterprise-provided disaster recovery techniques for program and data protection are perceived through backup computer systems and backups of data assets. As a result, in emergencies, a parallel system can take over operation of the failed computer system without much delay.

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