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digital extreme definition (DXD)

Digital Extreme Definition (DXD) is a digital audio file format that is supposed to produce a warmer sound than CD technology can with its hard sound.

The DXD sound is supposed to correspond to the sound image of the analog long-playing record. The high resolution of 32 bits and the sampling rate of 352.8 kHz per channel contribute to this. Relative to a compact disc 's base sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, DXD has an eightfold oversampling ratio( OSR).

DXD uses the Super Audio CD( SACD) as medium. To do this, the DXD master is sampled at a sampling rate of 11.2896 MHz, four times the sampling rate of Direct Stream Digital( DSD), before being mixed and sampled down to a sampling rate of 2.8224 MHz for SACD. The SACD can only be played on appropriate SACD players. It does, however, offer DSD resolution and multi-channel programming.

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