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deep color

The color depth of color representations is determined by the number of color nuances that can be represented. A distinction is made between the color representation with a high number of colors, the High Color, the direct color representation, the Direct Color, the true color representation, the True Color, and the Deep Color, the color representation with the highest color depth.

While True Color can represent 16,777,216 color nuances with a color depth of 24 bits, Deep Color with color depths of 30 bits, 36 bits and 48 bits achieves considerably higher color resolutions and thus avoids the undesired representation of color gradations, so-called banding. At 36 bits, Deep Color achieves a color resolution of `68.7 * 10^9` ( giga) colors, and at 48 bit color depth, even `281.4 * 10^12` ( tera) color shades can theoretically be displayed.

Color depths of different color representations

Color depths of different color representations

With this enormous color resolution, HDTV for example can display colors of unique quality and naturalness with high contrast. Due to the infinite number of color nuances, interpolations between individual pixels are no longer necessary. Deep Color also offers a much more nuanced representation in shading and gray values compared to the 16 bits of High Color or the 24 bits of True Color. However, the color representation is only one aspect of Deep Color; modern scanners and software that work with this high resolution are interesting.

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