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cost per impression (advertising) (CPI)

In print advertising, impression stands for circulation; in web advertising, it stands for impression or view contacts. Cost per impression( CPI) is a billing model that shows the costs incurred when an online ad, banner, skyscraper or other advertising format is displayed to the Internet user.

The CPI value is an advertising-relevant key performance indicator( KPI) that represents one of several criteria for the cost-benefit analysis of an online advertisement. The media data of online publishers show an amount for a certain number of page impressions( PI). If, for example, 100,000 page impressions cost Euro 2,000, then the individual visual contact, i.e. the costs per impression, the CPI value, costs 2 EuroCents.

Billing models in online advertising

Billing models in online advertising

In addition to the cost per impression, there are several cost models as billing models for advertising banners, such as cost per mille( CPM), which refers to the thousand contact price, cost per lead ( CPL), cost per order ( CPO), cost per sale( CPS) and cost per view( CPV). In addition, there are some payment models such as Pay per Action( PPA), Pay per Click( PPC), Pay per Impression( PPI) or Pay per Sale( PPS).

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