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corporate owned, personally enabled (CyoD) (COPE)

In addition to the concepts for using private devices for company tasks, known as "Bring your own Device( ByoD)," there are other concepts in which companies provide employees with mobile devices for business and private use. One concept is "Choose your own Device( CyoD)", the other "Corporate Owned, Personal Enabled (COPE)".

In the COPE concept, the company provides the employee with mobile devices - smartphone, tablet, notebook - which the employee can use as if they were his or her private ones. The business model can be advantageous for both the company and the employee, because companies generally purchase mobile devices at low cost, and the employee is equipped with up-to-date technology. He can use the mobile device in his free time just like his private one.

In contrast to the ByoD model or the CyoD model, the manufacturer selects the device type in the COPE model. The equipment of the employees thus becomes more homogeneous, software updates, device management, security infrastructure, security management and service are easier to handle and can be carried out much more efficiently than with ByoD.

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