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check bit (CK)

  1. A check bit (CK) or paritybit is an additional bit added to a character or control character that serves to secure the corresponding character. This simple bit error detection is achieved by adding or deliberately not adding an additional check bit to the encoded character so that the sum of all bits of a character becomes even (or odd). If you use an even parity for biterror detection and the sum of an encoded character is odd (0110100), then you add a check bit. In the other case no check bit is added.
    Check bits for even and odd parity of coded characters

    Check bits for even and odd parity of coded characters

    If the character at the receiving location has an incorrect parity, then it is certain that the transmission was faulty and that one bit was transmitted incorrectly. This simple procedure fails if several bits of an encoded character are incorrect.
  2. In SS7 signaling, Check (CK) is a 16-bit data field in the Message Transfer Part( MTP) of the Message Signal Unit( MSU). The CK data field contains the check bits and is located after the front flag. The check procedure works as for High Level Data Link( HDLC).
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