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channel marketing

As part of multi- channel management, companies coordinate their sales and marketing policies in different sales channels. Examples of different sales channels are, in addition to the company's own stores, sales via its own sales force, catalogs or the Internet.

Channel marketing, also synonymously referred to as multi-channel marketing, comprises the coordination of all marketing measures in the different sales channels. It includes the coordination and definition of the four important P`s: pricing policy, product policy, promotion (advertising) and placement. The latter stands for the distribution decisions via the general or specific sales channels.

Channel marketing can also include the decision to take channel-specific marketing measures such as blog marketing or e-mail marketing for individual channels such as the Internet.

Multi-channel marketing refers to companies that use multiple channels, such as social media, online stores, and email, to engage their customers. Companies with this approach use two or more channels, but often lack a consistent marketing strategy. In addition, due to different devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, customer preferences can only be used to interact with the company in a limited way.

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