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capacitor bank

A capacitor bank is a buffer device in power distribution networks. It consists of many identical capacitors connected in parallel or in series, which is used at strategic network points, improves the power factor and counteracts undesirable phase shifts.

Capacitor banks can be used in high- voltage, medium-voltage and low-voltage networks for static power factor correction. Similarly, in utility power systems and industrial power distribution systems. They can be used in DC networks as energy storage devices, reducing voltage peaks and ripple in the DC voltage. Thus, they ensure the improvement of voltage profile and current flow in power distribution systems.

Capacitor bank for 50 MJoule, photo:

Capacitor bank for 50 MJoule, photo:

Depending on their function and the power grid, such capacitor banks can have capacities of several mega joules and deliver peak currents of several hundred kilo-amperes in a few hundred milliseconds.

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