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border gateway multicast protocol (Routing) (BGMP)

The Border GatewayMulticast Protocol (BGMP), created by the Internet Engineering Task Force( IETF), is a routing protocol that supports routing between domains.

The BGMP protocol is a multicast protocol and an evolution of the Border Gateway Protocol( BGP) and can flood data across existing groups in larger networks. It is essentially based on the Protocol Independent Multicast( PIM) and CBT protocols and is built on a bidirectional spanning tree approach that is intended to be interoperable with all multicast routing protocols. Other routing protocols include the Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol( DVMRP), Multicast OSPF Protocol( MOSPF), Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM), and Core Based Tree (CBT).

The Border Gateway Multicast Protocol is described in RFC 3913.

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