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Electronic bookmarks are used to mark pages or files on servers so that they can be found again more quickly. In the World Wide Web(WWW), bookmarks are stored Internet addresses that are frequently used. All browsers provide the Bookmarks function so that the user can save domain names in a file.

Bookmarks are often stored under "Favorites", they can be accessed under the title name or under other entries and are displayed in the topmost browser window. In Internet Explorer( IE), the bookmark is called favorites for legal reasons, and in the Firefox and Operaweb browsers it is called bookmarks. There are also online platforms where you can store bookmarks. This has the advantage that you can access them regardless of location.

Bookmark function on Firefox

Bookmark function on Firefox

The bookmark function is extended in a user-friendly way by displaying and adding bookmarks, inserting a bookmark toolbar or by the file storage of recently set bookmarks or of used keywords.

In addition to the bookmarks that can be accessed via one's own browser, there are Internet bookmarks with the social bookmarks that can be accessed regardless of location.

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