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file storage

In a file storage, file storage, the data is stored hierarchically in files and folders. The data is restored in the same way. The data is accessed using appropriate network-based file systems such as the Network File System( NFS) or the Server Message Block( SMB).

In contrast to block storage, where data is divided into data blocks of the same size and stored with its own address, with file storage the data is managed at the file level, stored in a hierarchical structure and accessed via user-oriented interfaces. The corresponding call is made via the file name, the directory or the Internet address. Information about the files, about the content, the author or the file size, can be recorded in metadata. The Common Internet File System( CIFS) and the Network File System (NFS) are used as protocols.

The file systems or parts of file systems can be installed on servers that clients with appropriate access rights can access.

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