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Toolbars are toolbars with which the user can execute or check certain functions. They are provided by search engine operators and control platforms as plug-ins for free download and installed in browsers as a horizontally or also vertically arranged function bar.

Toolbars offer users added value in the form of control and provision of functions, as well as the checking and display of characteristic values. All search engines provide their own toolbars for download.

Features of the Alexa Toolbar

Features of the Alexa Toolbar

Therefore, a toolbar consists of function buttons, small displays with numeric display and bar displays. The number and type of functions is aligned according to certain applications that support the user. Thus, toolbars can check the number of backlinks, display PageRank or rankings from other analytics platforms, perform ratings of the current website or check the Whoisdirectory service. There are also dedicated search toolbars, where search tools, text tools and bookmarking tools are provided for browsers.

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