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automatically switched optical network (ASON)

Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) is an intelligent optical network( ON) in which routing is automatic; unlike traditional techniques that switch traffic paths using optical switches, optical add/drop multiplexers( OADM), or optical crossconnects( OXC).

In ASON networks, described in ITU Recommendation G.807, this technique is automated. The user simply defines his connection path by the start and end points, the required bandwidth and the required quality of service( QoS), etc., and everything else is handled by the ASON network. The network components of an ASON network have the necessary intelligence and processing power to determine the optimal path with the required transmission parameters. The switching techniques used in ASON networks range from simple space division multiplexing with FOC switching to wavelength switching and optical packet switching.

ASON networks use the GMPLS protocol for signaling, which can be used to determine and monitor the routing of an end-to-end connection.

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